RSU 58/MSAD 58

 Avon, Kingfield, Phillips and Strong

Superintendent of Schools- Todd Sanders

Our next regular School Board Meeting is July 18, 2019 at 6:30 PM at Mt Abram High School.The Agenda will be posted on the School Board’s page located above. 

School Board Workshop= 5:30 PM, July 18, 2019- MTA

Current Board Approved Budget Summary and Summary of Cost Centers:




Revenue and impact to towns of Board Approved Budget 2019-20: Board-Approved-Revenue-Sources-2019-20.pdf

Notes from the March 5, 2019 Board Workshop at Mt Abram High School: Board-Trend-Workshop-3.5.19.pdf

District Winter Newsletter-MSAD58.Winter-Newsletter-2018.pdf

School Board Workshop documents for 12.13.18



School Board Workshop documents for 11.29.18

Board Workshop Agenda-11.29.18-.pdf

School Board Workshop 3-Nov 29 2018

Powerpoint presentation from 11.29.18: Future-11.29.18.pdf

School Board Workshop documents for 11.1.18:


Powerpoint presentation from 11.1.18- Future Data Presentation-11.1.18.pdf

Board-Workshop Agenda-11.1.18-.pdf

Documents from 9/6/18:

Powerpoint presentation on data for the “Future”-.pdf

Notes from School-Board-Workshop-1-Sept.-6-2018.pdf

Bus Routes document for 2018-19



Approved-MSAD58-2019-20-School Calendar.pdf

Click here for a copy of the Elementary Handbook.pdf

Click here for a copy of the Secondary Handbook.pdf

Click here for a copy of the 2018-19 lunch-application.pdf

Click here for a copy of the FERPA rules.pdf

Click here for a copy of the home language-survey.pdf

Click here for the Migrant Education Survey.pdf

ESEA Application FY 19- For a printed copy- contact the Supt. Office at 629-2086.


MSAD #58 is a small, rural school district in the Western Mountains of Maine and includes the towns of Phillips, Avon, Kingfield, and Strong.

We have three K-8 elementary schools and one high school serving students in grades 9-12. Our current enrollment is approximately 665 students with approx. 183 of the students residing outside of the district.  The non-resident students are from the Unorganized Territories of Madrid, Salem, and Freeman Townships; and the tuitioning towns of Eustis, Carrabassett Valley, Highland Plantation, and Coplin Plantation. 

One of our largest challenges is geography as our district covers over 500 square miles and encompasses several non-district towns and unorganized territories. 


It is the responsibility of MSAD# 58’s school community to prepare all students to become productive, caring citizens of our democracy.

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