Strong Students Learn to Compost & Garden

DSCF2947Students in grades six and seven at the Strong School have been learning about composting this fall. They have been collecting fruit and vegetable waste, such as cores and peelings, from the school snacks. Students place the waste in a compost tumbler, and add shredded paper from the school office. This creates the perfect mixture of nitrogen and carbon. The compost gets tumbled daily. Once the compost has finished decomposing, it will be added to the school gardens. Mrs. Craigen Healy volunteers her time to work with student gardeners each fall and spring. Students take turns working in the school flower garden, known as Dream Catcher Park.


She teaches students about the work needed to keep the perennial garden blooming.

This year, the Strong School also started three raised bed vegetable gardens in addition to two

raised bed flower gardens. The raised beds were funded in part from a grant from the Franklin County Retired Teachers Association. For vegetables pumpkins, carrots, and green beans were grown this year. The green beans were enjoyed by students in the summer program, and the pumpkins and carrots were harvested and enjoyed by students this fall. Students have been busy getting the flower and vegetable gardens ready for winter.

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