Strong Family-School Compact

Parents are the most influential people in a child’s life and early education.  They can be powerful partners with schools, working together to make sure that children reach high academic standards.

This Family-School Compact is a voluntary agreement to share responsibility for student achievement among families, school staff and students.

Parents will…

  • Help their child with homework when needed
  • Communicate with teachers about their child’s interest
  • Be supportive and proud of their child and interested and involved in their life at school
  • Converse with children about school and other topics
  • Provide quiet places to study and provide healthy snacks
  • Respect and support school staff publicly and privately

Schools and Teachers will:

  • Communicate in writing about parent meetings and school events
  • Provide a variety of learning methods and challenge each child to reach high goals
  • Be patient, understanding, and respectful
  • Provide timely opportunities for parents and teachers to discuss student work, progress, interests, and problems (if any)
  • Respect parents and assumes they are trying to support and assist schools

Students will:

  • Be on time, get work done on time, and do home learning
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Demonstrate responsibility, a good attitude and try to do the right thing
  • Show respect for peers and teachers both in words and deeds
  • Actively participate in the varied activities of school
  • Show respect for their bodies by promoting the nonuse or abuse of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol
  • Be prepared for class and work to the best of their ability to meet self, school, and parent expectations