Phillips Family-School Compact

Family-School Compact

MSAD #58

Phillips Elementary School


The Family-School Compact is a voluntary agreement to share responsibility for student achievement among families, school staff, and students.

While keeping an open mind, as a parent/legal guardian, I pledge to:

    • Be sure my child is prepared for and attends school regularly
    • Find out how my child is doing by attending conferences and school functions, looking at my child’s schoolwork, and communicating regularly with teacher(s)
    • Provide a safe environment and help my child resolve conflicts in non-violent ways
    • Spend time each day with  my child’s reading, writing, listening, or just talking
    • Support and encourage my child’s educational experience
    • Be a positive influence in my child’s life

While keeping an open mind, as a staff member, I pledge to:

    • Provide a safe place for students to learn through clear expectations, consequences, and consistent follow through
    • Use a variety of techniques to support and encourage useful learning
    • Respectfully and accurately inform and involve parents in their child’s progress
    • Convey to parents my need for their support
    • Be prepared on a day-to-day basis, be positive, and continue learning through Professional Development
    • Promote and participate in school events
    • Be a positive influence in students’ lives

While keeping an open mind, as a student, I pledge to:

    • Attend school regularly and be organized and prepared for class
    • Be respectful of staff, students, and school property
    • Follow school and classroom rules and accept responsibility for my actions
    • Resolve conflicts in positive, non-violent ways
    • Set positive goals for myself and work hard to achieve them
    • BE positive about myself and the school by getting involved in my school activities and government
    • Work hard to do my best in class, use my time wisely, and complete my homework
    • Ask questions when I need help and talk with my parents and teachers about what’s going on at school
    • Stop and Think – Make good choices!