Ugli Fruit, StarFruit, Jicama?


For the third consecutive year, Phillips and Strong Schools were awarded a Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program grant.  The program, fundedby the USDA and awarded to schools with high numbers of students who qualify for free meals, allows us to offer all students snacks of fresh fruits or vegetables several times per week.  The goal of the grant is to encourage students to eat more fruits and vegetables and to taste foods that they may not otherwise have an opportunity to try.

At the end of last year, teachers were asked about the program.  Here are some of their comments:

“It is nice seeing kids eating well – those quick snacks are keeping them energized and working through the day.”

“The rule in my room is that you have to at least try something.  Most of the time the kids found out they actually liked something they thought they did not.  They enjoy seeing the snack coming and trying new things.  There were a few things I have never tried myself.  Great opportunity for our students to participate in healthy eating and snack choices.”

Phillips Students Show School Spirit!

IMG_3381On Friday, October 4, Phillips Student Council sponsored the school’s first ever Soccer Spirit Street Dance and “Bonfire”. Over half the middle level student body attended this event, which was planned to kick off (get it?) Soccer Spirit Week the following week. For the dance, holiday lights were strung across the front of the school and through the branches of the trees at the edge of the bus driveway, adding to the festive atmosphere. The “bonfire”, two disposable charcoal grills, was for toasting marshmallows.

During Soccer Spirit Week, Student Council members, under the leadership of newly-elected President Alexandra Ryan, organized a double elimination Lightning Tournament. Lightning Rounds, sort of like Knock Out except kicking soccer balls into the goal instead of shooting hoops with basketballs, were played during recess with the Championship Game being played at the end of the day Friday. Since Friday was also Blue and White Day, it was fun to see both players and spectators, students and faculty, sporting the Phillips colors to show off their school spirit.