About MTA

Mount Abram High School is part of School Administrative District #58.  This is a rural school district in northern Franklin County covering approximately 400 square miles.  Located in the western mountains of Maine, the area is noted for its natural beauty, forestry and recreational opportunities.  S.A.D.#58 serves the towns of Strong, Avon, Phillips, and Kingfield, as well as the surrounding townships and plantations, whose students are tuitioned into the district.  The high school itself is centrally located in the unorganized territory of Salem.  Ninety-five percent of the students attending the high school are bused, with some students traveling from forty to sixty miles one way.  Other high schools in the area are Carrabassett Valley Academy (Carrabassett Valley), Mt. Blue High School  (Farmington), and Carrabec High School (North Anson).


As far back as the early 1940’s a study was started to look into the feasibility of consolidating the high schools of the area. Committees were formed, meetings were held, studies were made, and consultants were brought in to address the issue. Ultimately, in 1966 the towns voted to form a school administrative district.

On July 22, 1966, the State Department of Education issued the Articles of Organization, authorizing School Administrative District No.58 to become operative on the eighth of August. On that date the Board met and chose Carroll Edgerly of Kingfield, Chairman, and David Spaulding of Eustis, Vice-Chairman. On September 9, 1968, the contract was given to Fred F. Merrill to construct the high school. The building was ready for occupancy the first week of November 1969.

Before coming to Mt. Abram, a committee composed of members from each school was elected by each school’s student body to select a name and a school emblem. Each school presented suggestions to this committee. The committee selected from that list several names and several emblems, which were put on a ballot for the students to decide. From this student balloting came the name of Mt. Abram High School with the Roadrunner as its mascot.