Phillips 5th Grade Mucking About in a Vernal Pool

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The students found caddis fly larva, fairy shrimp, amoeba, daphnia, rotifer, volvox, spirogyra, copepods, tree frog eggs, salamander eggs, tad poles, stentor, paramecium, and diving beetle and many other interesting critters. They are still searching for the elusive hydra. No students were lost in the muck! The students later went to the coast to compare the vernal pool to a tidal pool.

Flat Stanley Helps Teach Geography to Strong Students

The second grade students at the Strong School recently finished their month long Flat Stanley project. Flat Stanley, a character from Jeff Brown’s book series, can travel around the world in an envelope because he was flattened by a bulletin board. The second grade students each made their own version of Flat Stanley and wrote friendly letters to accompany Stanley on his adventures. Students then took a trip to the post office and mailed their Stanleys to friends and family around the world. The recipients of each Stanley sent postcards, letters, pictures and other goodies back to us and then sent Stanley on to new friend. Each Stanley travelled around the country, sending notes of his progress back to us. We excitedly tracked the progress of each Flat and anxiously awaited their return. Our Stanleys travelled to over 15 states, as well as to Puerto Rico, the Marshall Islands and Argentina! We had lots of fun learning about other states and countries!

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