Mt Abram Community Service Corner

All students at Mt Abram HS complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service.  Here we will highlight some of the ways our students serve our communities!



[singlepic id=241 w=150 h=100 float=left]Kelly Hinkley and Brandy Pease, both of Kingfield, knit scarves as part of a community service project. Kelly learned how to knit when she was seven years old. Brandy has been knitting from a loom for a few years now. The girls plan to donate their creations to a local charity for next winter.


[singlepic id=39 w=150 h=200 float=left]My name is Raymond Richard and I am from Phillips. I am in grade ten at Mt. Abram High School. I’m a Jr Volunteer Fire Fighter for the Phillips Fire Department. I can do every thing that a normal fire fighter can do except gointo a inside attack on a fire. Also, I cannot take a person out of a car at a car accident. Somethings involve training that I cannot take until I am eighteen years old.

I chose to be a fire fighter because I enjoy helping my town and people. It also gives me a good start working in the community. I would like to be a detective for the FBI or an officer of the law.


[singlepic id=30 w=150 h=100 float=left]Benjamin Dudley, a senior, from Phillips helps his father, Dana, with setting up for the Phillips Scarecrow Reunion. Benjamin has been volunteering for this community event since he was ten years old.

Kingfield Middle School News

LuceFamilyThe beginning of the 2013-2014 school year has brought many changes and the return to some well-loved traditions here at Kingfield Elementary School. Of course we started our year with the back to school ice cream social complete with parent information centers and family portrait sessions. It was so good to see the large turnout by our supportive community.

One of the biggest changes has been to the middle school schedule, which now includes a block of time for Response to Intervention (RTI) work three times a week, as well as a study hall period on Tuesdays and an activity period on Thursdays. We have used our RTI time to help students feel more comfortable with the state NECAP assessment. Teachers have worked with students on everything from responding to reading questions with clear restatements of the prompt to how to explain your answers and reasoning on the math section.

As testing has begun, we have shifted to read-alouds during this time with work on predicting and foreshadowing. Study halls have been a great way for those students with busy after school lives to stay caught up and to receive help from their teachers on assignments. Most loved by the students is the addition of a weekly activity period where they can craft, work on claymations, engage in computer programming, participate in drama, studio art, games, or even outdoor survival activities.  In fact, the kids are excited to showcase their specific skills on November 26th. Overall, the changes to the schedule seem to be improving the spirits and focus of students and staff alike.