Hands-On Science at Mt Abram High School

[singlepic id=249 w=300 h= float=left]Have you ever seen one of those Karate Masters on youtube breaking through multiple boards with their bare hands and wish that you could try it? Well for years in Mr. Danala’s physics class, upperclassmen have been calculating the amount of force their arms can produce in order to see if in deed they too can break boards with their bare hands. Once they have finished the necessary calculations, and have proven that they have the “force” necessary, each student is given the chance to be a Karate Master and break a board. The experience is then recorded using a highspeed camera to enjoy over and over again and promote discussion later on in class. For some it tests them mentally, while for others, it is the opportunity to do something they have always wanted to try! The best part is, the kids know that they can do it before they ever try, because they prove it using what they have learned in physics class.

This year we had a guest appearance by our own Mr. Aliberti. Before he was allowed to break the board, he too had to perform the necessary measurements and calculations to prove that he was worthy. 

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