Central Office

1401 Rangeley Road

Phillips, ME 04966

Telephone: 207-639-2086


      Superintendent of Schools: Susan A. Pratt   

      Business Manager: Alison Gamache             



      Administrative Assistant/ Human Resources: Tiki White 



      Accounts Payable: Catherine Goodwin                             


      Technology Director: Sean Tennent

      Transportation/Facilities Director: Scott Lehay



NEWS From the Superintendent’s Office:

IMPORTANT: As we enter the winter months, it is important that parents provide accurate contact information to the schools for announcements such as school cancellation.   Parents can make a choice on how the contact is made either via a robo call, text message, or email; or any combination of the three.  Additionally, all school cancellations are posted on Channel 2, 5,6,8, and 13.  We put this on the radio as well and it appears on the Daily Bulldog.   Please make sure to share any changes in contact with your child’s school.

The December Holiday Break will start at DECEMBER 21, 2017 at NOON. Classes will resume on January 2, 2018.


Welcome Back Letter to Parents and Students: Welcome Back 17-18

New Staff 2017-18:

Jaime Ela- Principal of Kingfield Elementary School

Scott LeHay- Director of Facilities and Transportation

Brandi Tanner- Chemistry Teacher- MTA

Jillian Withee- Pre-K- Phillips Elementary

Callie Brown- Pre-K Ed Tech III- Kingfield, Phillips

Erica Bracy- Pre-K- Strong Elementary and Kingfield Elementary

Heidi Schultz- 4th Grade Kingfield Elementary School

Rick David- Bus Driver

Lindsay Dakers- GEARUP/PLP/ RTI Coordinator- MTA

Ralph McArthur- Ed Tech

Kylee Alton- Ed Tech

Margo Lavertue- Ed Tech

Gisele Glidden- Ed Tech